Friday, May 8, 2015

DT466E Inframe Rebuild Book

Hello everyone. The DT466E Inframe Rebuild Step By Step Guide is now for sale on eBay.
Click on the Inframe Rebuild tab above to go directly to the eBay page.

Cost is $29.99, shipping is free, it is sold with a money back guarantee.

You can also click on the Book Sales tab to go to Blue Bee Truck Repair website for more books, including some   FREE   downloads.

DT466E Inframe Rebuild Step By Step Guide

Friday, March 13, 2015

Did you post here and recieve no response?

Hello, all.

This post is to all who posted a question or a problem on this site and recieved no response.

First, I apologize. I try to answer all questions as promptly as possible.

However, this past winter I changed from the comments on Blogger to Google+ comments, and it seems there has been a glitch. I received no notice of several comments made several months ago, and they seem to have all shown up now this past week.

I don't know what the problem was, but it appears to have been cleared up.

If anyone still needs assistance, I will watch Google+ more closely and will also log onto the site and check there.

If you send me an Email from my profile on the right sidebar I will get the message for sure.


Future Transportation, Continued

Hello, all and thanks for visiting.
My weekly Google Alert for truck technology brought this article to my attention:

Apple, Google, and Tesla commercial truck

Contrast the forward thinking from tech companies with this post from the 2015 Work Truck Show.

Work Truck Show

Wow - the tech companies are talking about changing how packages are delivered, new ways to power vehicles, and artificial intelligence for vehicles.

What do we see from the big vehicle makers? More tacked on plastic body parts and a dual fuel pickup! How exiting.

It will be interesting to see whether, in the near future the vehicle makers will partner with tech companies or if they get left behind and allow new vehicle manufacturers to take over the market.
Think of how much of the vehicle market share was lost to American carmakers when the imports came to this country years ago.
The Big Three are just now getting caught up with the quality and meaningful features present in the good imports, and there are ample indications that they are still out of touch with what customers are really interested in.

 The first part of the Roberts article about some people not liking changing tech reminds me of a mechanic I worked with and learned from many years ago, when I was just learning the repair trade. In the late 1970's we saw automakers moving from breaker point ignition to electronic and from carburetors to fuel injecdtion.

C was an excellent mechanic, but he saw the new technology as a threat to his ability to repair as well as the need to learn an extension of his skills. He decided to get out of repair and went into construction.

I hear the same thing today from truck owners and drivers. Many lament "the good old days" when truck engines were mechanically injected and cars had carburetors. Ironically many of them aren't old enough to have been really involved with those older technologies.

I do remember needing to rebuild the carb every year, a complete tune-up twice a year, and crossing your fingers in below zero weather, hoping the car would start.

I am very happy to say I haven't had to work on a carburetor for over fifteen years. My fuel injected pickup starts instantly every time, no matter what the weather.

Thanks for checking this out.