Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Another milestone for The Toolbox.

Hello everyone and thanks for checking in.

The Toolbox hit another milestone in the past few days, with 100,000+ total page views. (that's more than 50,000 in just the past 10 months)
Thank you everyone who checked out the site. I know posts have been a little thin of late due to summer, vacation, and nothing very interesting coming across my table, repair-wise.

Keep checking back though, as things are bound to pick up sooner or later.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free Truck and Diesel Books

Hello everyone.

The Toolbox's companion site, Blue Bee Truck Repair , is now selling books and has  FREE books you can download.

The tab at Blue Bee will take you to a Dropbox folder that you can download, print, or just read.
You don't need an account or to enter any information, just click on the tab.

There is also a Tab for the eBay page selling the Inframe Rebuild Guide, and more free books will be made available periodically, so check back often.

In the near future books will be sold directly from Blue Bee, some priced in the $5.00 range per download.


Books Available at bluebeetruckrepair.com

Friday, May 8, 2015

DT466E Inframe Rebuild Book

Hello everyone. The DT466E Inframe Rebuild Step By Step Guide is now for sale on eBay.
Click on the Inframe Rebuild tab above to go directly to the eBay page.

Cost is $29.99, shipping is free, it is sold with a money back guarantee.

You can also click on the Book Sales tab to go to Blue Bee Truck Repair website for more books, including some   FREE   downloads.

DT466E Inframe Rebuild Step By Step Guide