Saturday, June 25, 2016

Posting Questions on The Toolbox

Please be advised that due to my lack of available time I will no longer be answering posts or emails from this site.

You can still post your questions or comments here and anyone else can answer.

I am sorry for this, because I  enjoy answering questions and helping solve problems, but my schedule no longer allows me to do it.

Of course, I will continue to honor my obligation to help those who purchase one of my books and need help with the repair.


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fix your DT466E Yourself

 Do You Want to Fix Your DT466 Yourself? 


How to buy 25 years of truck repair experience for $30.00 


When your truck needs to be fixed your repair choices are basically 3:

  • Take the truck to the dealer. Pay dealer prices. Lose more money renting a replacement or doing without your truck.
  • Take it to an independent shop. Wonder if they will be able to fix the problem. Lose money while they try to figure it out.
  • Fix it yourself. Buy one of my books and using readily available tools, get back on the road fast. Save lots of money.

This is what you get with my do it yourself DT466E books:

  • Specific content. These books address specific repairs so you don't waste time sorting through stuff you don't need. With factory manuals, you pay for lots of content you don't need.
  • Complete information. All the information you need is there and is arranged in a logical way. This includes torque specs, special procedures, tool lists, and more.
  • You get experience. In fact, you get over 25 years of experience doing the jobs in the books. 
  • If you have a problem or something is unclear, I am there. Your purchase includes an email address where you can get my help. I have access to factory information as well as experience in repairing these engines.
  • Guarantee. If you don't think the book is what I say it is, I don't want your money. Your Ebay purchase includes a 14 day, money back guarantee. If you buy from Amazon there is no warranty, but if you're not satisfied I will send your money back.
  • The cost of each book is about $30.00, and I try to ship the same day or at latest the next business day. Shipping to the continental U.S. usually takes about 3 days.

Click on the page tab above this post for more information on each book. There are links to the sales points, where you can view samples of the content. 


On the way is a book on more repair operations:
Injector change
Injector cup (sleeve) replacement
Valve adjustment
Camshaft change
Engine oil pump service
Code reading on the dash display

I'll also be posting excerpts from both books periodically, so check back for more.

DT466E No Start book cover
DT466E No Start book
DT466E Inframe Rebuild book cover
DT466E Inframe Rebuild book


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Problems That Won't Cause a No Start on a DT466E

When working on a truck that won't start it is important to know some of the problems that won't cause a no start on a DT466E.

That way you won't waste time working on something that won't help with the problem.

This post is a section from my book: DT466E No Start Diagnosis. For more information or to buy the book just click on the tab above the first post.

Problems that do not cause a no start
Before going into problems that could cause a no start, it is important to cover some things that WILL NOT cause a no start.
  1. ECM/IDM failure. Although it can cause a no start, failure of one of these components is so remarkably rare that replacement should never be contemplated by anyone but a knowledgeable professional. The replacement will need to be programmed by a dealer, anyway. There are even DTC codes calling for replacement that cannot necessarily be believed. In short, NEVER replace that computer!
  2. Failed IAT, TPS, EBP, EFP, or ECT sensors alone will not cause a no start, but can cause driveability problems or might combine with other issues in a no start situation.
  3. A low coolant level or sensor will not cause a no start, although it may shut the truck down after a period of running.
  4. A bad injector will not by itself cause a no start, and the sudden failure of a set of injectors is extremely unlikely. There are injector-related exceptions:
  • The injector fuel seals can fail and cause a no start, but this condition will cause low fuel pressure, and probably fuel in the oil.
  • In 2004 and later engines the oil inlet pockets in the top of the injectors can wear and cause a no start, initially when the engine is hot. This sometimes necessitates changing all the injectors.
  • Leaking injector seals can cause a no start, usually initially when the engine is hot.
  • A very high mileage engine may have a set of worn injectors that finally cause a no start condition, but this will have been preceded by hard starting, rough running, and smoking when the engine did start. Often these engines will run after being started with ether.
  • Another exception is the rare occasion when an injector tip valve sticks open; this can cause the cylinder pressure to pump lots of air into the fuel system. The fuel pressure may be high and the engine will certainly shut down and fail to start, after a period of running.