Monday, February 29, 2016

DT466E No Start and Inframe Rebuild repair guides.

 Do you have a DT466E that won't start or needs to be rebuilt? 


How to buy 25 years of truck repair experience for $30.00 


Your repair choices are basically 3:

  • Take the truck to the dealer. Pay dealer prices. Lose more money renting a replacement or doing without your truck.
  • Take it to an independent shop. Wonder if they will be able to fix the problem. Lose money while they try to figure it out.
  • Fix it yourself. Buy one of my books and using readily available tools, get back on the road fast. Save lots of money.

This is what I offer:

  • Specific content. These books address specific repairs so you don't waste time sorting through stuff you don't need. 
  • Complete information. All the information you need is there and is arranged in a logical way. This includes torque specs, special procedures, tool lists, and more.
  • You get experience. In fact you get over 25 years of experience doing the jobs in the books. 
  • If you have a problem or something is unclear, I am there. Your purchase includes an email address where you can get my help. I have access to factory information as well as experience in repairing these engines.
  • Guarantee. If you don't think the book is what I say it is, I don't want your money. Your Ebay purchase includes a 14 day, money back guarantee. Amazon does not offer that, but if you are not satisfied I will send your money back.
  • The cost of each book is about $30.00, and I try to ship the same day or at latest the next business day. Shipping to the continental U.S. usually takes about 3 days.

Click on the page tab above this post for more information on each book. There are links to the sales points, where you can view samples of the content. 


On the way is a book on more repair operations: 
      Injector change
Injector cup (sleeve) replacement
Valve adjustment
      Camshaft change
      Engine oil pump service

I will also be posting excerpts from both books periodically, so check back for more.

DT466E No Start book cover
DT466E No Start book
DT466E Inframe Rebuild book cover
DT466E Inframe Rebuild book



Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Assembly Tips for International Design Engines

Here are some tips for assembling and servicing DT, DTEGR, and VT engines.

Tips for early (pre 2004 DT466) engines:

  • To unhook the injector harness from the valve cover/intake manifold, don’t use tools to pry on it. Just squeeze the sides and pull.
  • To release the injector harness pass-through from the valve cover, use a 1 3/16’’ 12pt socket. Just put the socket over the pass-through plug and push.
  • If the plastic fuel sediment bowl behind the fuel filter is too tight to turn off by hand, use a 1 1/4’’ box wrench.
  • Drain the high pressure oil manifold before you remove an injector. Remove the plug at the rear of the manifold with a 1/2 inch drive breaker bar or impact. If the oil isn't drained before an injector is removed the oil will fill the cylinder and the engine will hydrolock when you try to start it.
  • After a rebuild, injector change, or anything else that drains the high pressure oil system, leave the injector harness unplugged. Crank the engine until you get oil pressure, wait a minute, then crank twice more and connect the harness. This will get oil back into the rail, make fuel pressure, and the engine will start right up. Injectors can be damaged if they fire dry.

Tips for 466EGR/VT engines:

  • To release the injector pass through on the Ford 6.0/International VT 365/275 use a 12point, 19mm deep socket. Take the connector off at the head and put the socket over the pass through and push to unlatch the connector.
  • After an inframe or removing the high pressure manifold on EGR or VT engines it usually isn’t necessary to unhook the injectors during starting. Just prime the fuel system with the hand primer. Pump until there is significant resistance and bleed the air out from the Schrader valve at the front of the intake manifold. Repeat until no more air comes out the bleeder. When the engine starts let it idle until it is running smoothly. Hammering on the throttle right away can damage injectors.

General assembly tips:

  • Don’t install the vibration dampener by pulling it on with bolts. Just warm up the center of the hub to about 200 - 250 degrees F (no hotter!) and it will slide right on the crank nose.
  • Try a Lisle wrinkle-band piston ring compressor. I haven’t found anything that works quite as well, and they are cheap.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Engine Component Locator for the DT466E / EGR / Maxxforce DT

Location of Engine Components on the DT466E / DT466E EGR / Maxxforce DT

I have been seeing visitors search for components on the DT466 engine on this site, so I thought I would post the locations of major components. Also see the images showing some of the sensors.
The images are from my book: DT466E No Start Diagnostic.

Component charts for DT466E / EGR / MaxxforceDT
Component Locator DT466E / EGR / Maxxforce DT

Engine component image DT466E and EGR
DT466E engine Components and Sensors