Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vehicle Technical Writers wanted

Hello, all. After a few years of posting to this site, I find that I am running out of ideas for new posts.
Therefore I am extending an invitation to anyone who wants to post here.

You don't need any formal writing experience, and I don't care what the topic is. Just make it something to do with vehicles or vehicle repair.

It could be how to diagnose a common problem, a repair shortcut, a customer relations or service horror story, a humorous anecdote, computer or software solutions, or anything else vehicle or repair related.

I usually try to limit posts to 500 words or so, longer posts are usually split into separate posts. But length doesn't matter. Sometimes short posts turn out the most successful.

Naturally, you will be credited as the author, and those interested could be added as co-authors on the site.
Just send me an Email with the document attached and I will take it from there.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vehicle sensors and actuators

Here is a good resource for sensor and actuator function.
This information is especially important for new mechanics and those enrolled in technical programs.
Major categories of sensor types (resistive, voltage generating, switch sensors) and stepper motors and solenoids are covered.

Click on the link below:

sensors and actuators

Ford (International engine) performance/no start diagnostics

Hello, everyone. I was cleaning up my bookmarks tab tonight and ran across this group of Ford publications for diagnosing no starts and performance issues on older ( 1994 - 2005) HEUI (7.3 and 6.0) engines.
Included are performance and hard start/no start, DTC code descriptions, turbo diagnostic guide, high pressure pump diagnosis, and wiring diagrams.

Click the link below to go to the page:

Ford diesel engine diagnostic guide

Be aware that much of this information assumes that you have access to a diagnostic tool to read codes and engine data.